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Trueskills was launched with a Vision to “transform people’s lives with essential life-changing skills.” The kind of courses and content that is delivered has become a mission in itself. The journey for Trueskills is still in its infancy.

Trueskills is an initiative with a difference. As an institution its fuel is in the spirit with which it conceives a students’ transformation into a better and an involved learner. The core focus being on molding, nurturing, heterogeneity, and pedagogy.
With dynamic leadership, Trueskills has become a force to reckon with. In operation since April 2015, it has added value to over 4000 students with 6 specialized courses, which focus on IELTS, American English, Creative Writing, Effective Communication, Business Communication, and Management Skills. 

Trueskills Leadership

mohsinThe young and vibrant Mr. Mohsin, is a personification of ‘Early bird catches the worm.” Starting at a tender age of 19, equipped with a passion to teach and train others, Mr. Mohsin has come a long way to having established a successful training institution- Trueskills, which is a force to reckon with.

His indefatigable persona is inspiring and contagious. A sharp businessman with a clear vision and focus, he executes meticulously. His brainchild – Trueskills –  has surpassed well established market players.

An Author, A Motivational speaker and brilliant influencer, Mr. Mohsin regularly appears on TV shows, local media. He also runs his own YouTube Channel.